We Care About Your Dental Health

  • We submit your dental insurance claims electronically via Eclaims
  • We offer courtesy phone call/texting and email appointment confirmations
  • Our dental operatories are fully computerized using digital and computerized chart systems to document your dental history and needs
  • We use the Intraoral camera to adequately photograph and illustrate to you exactly what we see inside your mouth
  • We use digital radiography which decreases your radiation exposure during dental X-rays and enables us to enlarge and contrast our images to better diagnose your dental needs
  • We use digital panoramic radiographs which reduces your radiation exposure while capturing images of the wisdom teeth and surrounding dental anatomy
  • Our hygienists use the Cavitron to aid in your dental cleaning needs
  • We use the Electrosurg technology to gain better acces to healthy tooth structure located under the gum tissue and potentially avoid traditional gum surgery
  • We use distilled water in all of our dental lines so that no city water enters your mouth during dental treatments
  • We have LED lighting to best highlight your mouth during dental treatment