Adults lose more teeth as a result of gum disease than from tooth decay. Poor dental hygiene can result in bacteria collecting in the cuffs of gum that surround each tooth. Over time, these bacteria can cause inflammation at the gum line that may worsen, creating even deeper pockets of bacteria around teeth, which contributes to tooth loss. Aside from scheduling regular dental check-ups and practicing good oral hygiene at home, adults can avert periodontal disease-related tooth loss by getting sufficient vitamin D. One study shows that people over age 50 with the highest levels of vitamin D in their blood had about 25 percent  more “periodontal attachment” than those with the lowest levels of the nutrient.

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P.S. According to a Norwegian study, adults living at higher latitudes with less exposure to sunlight (and consequently less vitamin D production in their skin) experienced much greater tooth loss than those living at more southerly latitudes.


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